Hotel Room with Pillows

Tageszimmer für ein paar Stunden 

Ein Tageszimmer ist eine Ideale Lösung, um sich zu entspannen, sich zurückzuziehen oder sich einfach ein paar Stunden auszuruhen! Unsere Tageszimmer warten nur noch auf Sie.

Daily Room for few hours

A daily room is an ideal solution for relaxing, retreating or simply resting for a few hours! Our daily rooms are just waiting for you.

Modern Office



Does Covid-19 spell the end of co-working? Hotels are tapping into the solo remote working trend by renting out guestrooms as private offices during the daytime. Samuel Ballard reports

With international travel currently on hold – and many of us barely even allowed to leave our own homes – many hotels have found themselves struggling to stay afloat.

According to Fitch, the ratings agency, European hotel occupancy will fall by 60 per cent this year – and won’t recover until 2023. If correct, it could mean the end for entire swathes of the hotel industry and has meant that many properties are looking at innovative ways to secure revenue while customers shun trips abroad.

One smart idea that has emerged has been offering rooms to professionals looking for a quiet space to work for the day while their office is closed (working from home can be tough for many people).

Over in Amsterdam, Zoku hotel and co-working provider is offering an “office-away-from-home-office” for locals, by turning its loft micro apartments into private workspaces.

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