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Rent a bike

Rent a City Bike and enjoy a comfortable bike ride!

Terms and conditions

2 hrs

CHF 15.00

4 hrs

CHF 20.00

1 hrs

CHF 30.00

2 hrs

CHF 60.00

1 hrs

CHF 150.00

Additional information

Take-over and return of bicycles at the same station


1 day rental = calendar day (not 24h)


Hertenstein boat station is from Hotel Graziella 3  min walk away. Experience a wonderful ride through Lake Lucerne with a direct view of the mountains and the landscape  

For the trips you get from us at the reception  a passenger discount.


Rigi cable car

Experience a wonderful day on the well-known Swiss Rigi mountain. Enjoy after a long day of hiking  and the fresh air a wonderful dinner.  

For the rides  of the railways you get a discount as a guest of the Hotel Graziella  


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